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ABL1 Power Supplies

The characteristics to consider when selecting a power supply are:
• the supply voltage available in the installation,
• the required output voltage and current.
This may, however, result in several products being selected as suitable.
Therefore, other selection criteria must be considered.

Power Supply Voltage
The ABL1 range is the solution because it guarantees regulation of 3% on
the output voltage, whatever the load current and the input voltage. In
addition, the wide input voltage range of ABL1 power supplies allows them
to be connected to all voltage supplies within this range, without any
adjustment on 60 and 100 W versions, and via a selector on 150 and 240 W

Short Circuit Protection
ABL1 power supplies are equipped with electronic and thermal overload
protection. This protection resets itself automatically on elimination of the
fault, which avoids having to take any action or change a fuse.

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Levels of conducted and radiated emissions are defined in standards
EN 55011 and EN 55022.
The products in the ABL1 range are class B, the strictest level, and can be
used without any restrictions due to their low emissions.
Power Factor
The current drawn by a power supply is not sinusoidal. This leads to the existence of harmonic currents which pollute the voltage supply.
Regulated switch mode supplies always produce harmonic currents; therefore, a filter circuit (Power Factor Correction or PFC) must be added to comply with standard EN 61000-3-2.
ABL1RPM power supplies conform to standard EN 61000-3-2 and can
therefore be connected directly to public voltage power supplies.

ABL1 regulated switch mode power supplies are designed to provide the dc voltage necessary for simple, dedicated control circuits. Divided into two families, these power supplies are able to meet all the needs encountered in standard commercial machines.
These single-phase power supplies, with or without anti-harmonic distortion filtering, conform to world-wide standards. Switch mode technology guarantees the quality of the output current with regulation below 3%. As machine components, ABL1 power supplies are easy to install—only the
setup may vary from one application to another. The ABL1 range is specially designed for machine manufacturers.
We are distributors of Schneider Electric Products & our setup is situated at Pune ( Maharashtra, India )
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